Thanks for stopping by.  The main reason I put this site together is to connect with people who are interested in the same issues as I, so by all means, make a connection!  Subscribe, comment, send me a guest-post, or write to me directly.

My long-term goal is to work with other like-hearted people to rehabilitate land into productive food forests, and to build thriving communities unconnected to the bigger System.  This is my response to the collective insanity that I feel raging all around us.  You know, the one that has us all complicit in destroying the Earth we love and depend on.

So I’m out here free-ranging, contemplating, and investigating, and reporting on what I see.  I share what I uncover, and write for anyone that does not fit into the grand utopian scheme of the Brave New World. For thinkers, farmers, lovers, idealists, action-takers.  For gypsies, vagabonds, beats, and bon vivants.  For bohemians and artists, wanderers, nomads, savages and all those who care.

As for the rest, maybe something you see here will encourage you to get off the fence, or arm you with insights and solutions to start making changes.  Hopefully, your eyes will pop open to the situation we are in, and you will be inspired to get involved.

….Because I want to connect with people who are investigating this world, and with those who are not ok with rampant materialism, disposable goods, concrete jungles, environmental degradation and forced schooling.  This site is for those who would seek to throw off the yoke of taxation, 9-5 hamster wheels, the ‘cost of living’, and who are willing to make a go of it without the stupefying coddles provided by the elite and their System.

I want to connect with people who guide their lives with a sense of personal ethics, compassion and honour, and who can regulate their own behaviour.  With those who believe human nature can evolve past greed, war, selfishness and destruction and who work to end those conflicts within themselves.  Those who consistently vector towards a positive mindset and want to focus on solutions.  Those who don’t want to talk about a problem but do nothing about it.

So let’s get to it.





Get some words.