Encyclopedia for Brain-Change Revolution

The evolution of consciousness is ultimately a journey into the self, and one can accelerate the process with a steady flow of healthy mental nutrition. This collection is in no way a complete or authoritative compilation, but has proved to be full of helpful gems.

 John Taylor Gatto

If you didn’t attend one of the dozen or so elite private boarding schools of your country, then you may be left with some questions regarding your ‘education’.

Ever wonder why certain subjects were left untouched during your time at school? The history of money and the legal system for example. Perhaps you never learned to understand a basic contract, or how to access remedy in the court system. Did you come out of your 15,000 hours of schooling wondering ‘what just happened’ and ‘what do I do now’?

Well, if you want to know the true purpose of the Public School system and learn about the groups and forces that led to its establishment in today’s society, then the life’s work of John Taylor Gatto is what you need to get into. His thorough research and eloquent delivery will help you come to understand what was done to you between those classroom walls to groom you for employment, and foster your obedience to authority. Rich with primary sources, the information will have you looking at global social structures in a new light, and have you considering homeschooling if you have children of your own, lest they too be ‘dumbed down’.

Work to fill in the gaps and undo the damage done by the Public Fool System and arm yourself with ‘intellectual self-defence’.


Tragedy and Hope, Dr. Carroll Quigley

I literally felt my brain expanding as I read this massive tome of insider information.  As John Taylor Gatto says, this book “crackles with ideas”.  Supposedly given access to the private files of the Council of Foreign Relations, Dr. Quigley a renowned international scholar, Professor at Georgetown University and mentor of Bill Clinton, put together a history of Western Civilization from the 19th C forward.  …..


Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

Not just an entertaining read, but an insightful look into the world we could be rapidly approaching.  Or for that matter, the world we are in now.  In the Brave New World, lower class workers are completely unaware of their position and their main drive is the greedy consumption of pleasure drugs.  Pleasure drugs are in fact a way of life in this world, poetically described as ‘Soma holidays’.

Children are artificially conceived and genetically altered, and undergo severe conditioning and psychological manipulation to fit properly into their preconceived roles.  Promiscuity abounds, population is controlled, and a medical dictatorship rules over all.  The ruled love their servitude and even if they understood what was happening around them, would have it no other way.  And then there is the savage, born in the wild lands whose very existence stands in juxtaposition to the utopia being run by the elite.

For a more detailed look.


Jeddu Krishnamurti

I remember coming across a weather-beaten copy of this edition at an outdoor church book sale in Brixton. I’d never heard of this man before, but there was something that drew me to pick it up.

Never before had I come across words that challenged my very way of thinking in so many ways. Krishnamurti properly introduced to the concept of conditioning, and the power of self-inquiry that was incredibly influential in my own thinking.  These volumes are packed with insights to such a degree that I had to read very slowly, and re-read, and digest one line at a time.

More of a collection of Krishnamurti’s talks than an actual book, Krishnamurti urges the reader to question and investigate existence, and to do so honestly.

You won’t be the same after this.


Robert Anton Wilson

Full of insights, alternative perspectives and interesting experiments.  Prometheus Rising explores the mind and consciousness and how that affects our social behaviour.  Get it.


Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche

When one confronts their own mortality and reflects on the mind’s relationship in this matter, one can be set free to truly live and to recognize what really matters in life.


80/10/10, Doug Graham

Low-fat, high-carb diet of raw fruits and shoots?  Are you kidding me?  Nope.  Crack the egg on diet’s relationship to the clarity of your mind and the calmness of your spirit.  It might change your life.


Fasting Can Save Your Life, Herbert Shelton

Written by a man who supervised over 10,000 fasts in his career.  Take the time to explore this somewhat controversial approach to healing.  As the title says.


Born To Run, Christopher McDougall

A thoroughly enjoyable and fun romp through the world of extreme endurance running and the history of the running shoe.  A lively cast of true-life characters, a forgotten Mexican tribe and the first-hand accounts of the author as he explores the cause of his own injuries and epic races.  Engaging and insightful.


Politics of Ecstasy, Timothy Leary

Ah Tim.  Government shill?  Perhaps.  Highly interesting read with applicable insights.  Indeed.



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